Consulting · 24. October 2019
Seminars, Coachings and analysis of your business: improve your coffee roasting and preparation methods & workflows. Increase your sales and brand visibility. I will analyze your business and we can figure out a way to optimize your business!

Publications and Podcast · 02. October 2019
How climate change is threatening our daily cup of coffee in the morning. What are the reasons for lower crop yield? What can we do to secure coffee in the future, so our children can still enjoy that marvelous black beverage.

Publications and Podcast · 25. September 2019
My second podcast episode about Nespresso, its sustainability and quality (in flavor and taste). I do a small comparison in regard to the ecological impact, between Nespresso, regular espresso machines (with portafilter), fully-automatic coffee makers and filter coffee makers. Enjoy listening to it!

Publications and Podcast · 11. September 2019
Can you be a minimalist an own a Nespresso machine? That was the question which kept me thinking, so I decided to write a short essay about my perspective on rapidly changing coffee drinking habits in urbanized areas of nowadays affluent world.