Sara Marquart

Based in Munich, Germany. Loving to Eat & to Cook.

I'm a hopelessly naive optimist following my passions:

Food, Coffee, Travel ... and Donuts in particular.


When it comes to food, I would describe myself as a foodie.

It starts when I buy groceries. It gives me great pleasure to take the food into my hands, to look at it and to smell the ingredients.


I love to cook. How I can bring the food into the desired form with my help, change it, get the best out of the ingredients and prepare a dish from them. The best thing, of course, is when I can make other people happy with my cooked food and cast a smile on their lips.


I am a food chemist by profession, at least that's what I studied. Afterwards, I focused my doctoral thesis on the research of coffee. Why does coffee taste bitter and what happens during roasting?


Coffee is something like a red thread in my life. After my doctorate, I went to the Deutsche Museum as a curator and planned an exhibition of 1,400 square meters about coffee.

The exhibition Cosmos Coffee opened in July 2019 for the 1.5 million visitors/year in Munich, before touring internationally to other major museums for another three years.


Privately I love to do weight training. Some call it bodybuilding, others power building or powerlifting. I just do it because it's fun and gives me a good meditative balance to my everyday life.

Through my training, I also know, of course, how to eat healthily & cook well.  The advantage of so much sport: I don't have to have a guilty conscience when I enjoy my favourite food, donuts.




This is a bite of Sara.