PhD Food Chemist and Coffee Scientist

Summary of my Activities

My scientific work focuses on the optimization of coffee roast and brewing parameters, to provide a better coffee experience for the consumer:
I achieve application-oriented results by performing comparative statistical evaluation of big data and combining it with academic research. Flavor and taste analysis of coffee (beans, grounds and beverages) is done by highly sophisticated experimental analysis based on mass spectrometry.


Speaker and Publisher

I am a frequent speaker at international coffee symposia (e.g., Boston Coffee Expo, World of Coffee Amsterdam, Berlin Coffee Festival).

Besides, I publish essays in renowned and prominent journals, like Culture and Technology, European Coffee Trip, etc., with essays highlighting different topics in the coffee supply chain. Furthermore, I am the publisher of the scientifical book "Cosmos Coffee" which is available in English and German, as print and digital version.


For business enquiries, contact me via or by using the contact form.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Lead Product Developer for a Seattle based coffee company, having my home base at the Coffee Excellence Center at Zurich University, Switzerland.


  • Lead Project Manager: Realization of the world's first all-inclusive coffee exhibition "Cosmos Coffee" at the Deutsches Museum, the world's largest Science museum. Cosmos Coffee is an internationally touring exhibition about all aspects of coffee on 1.400 sqm: from biology, flavor chemistry, technology to the environmental impact of nowadays global coffee consumption.
  • PhD Thesis: Optimization of coffee roasting and elucidation of bitter tastants in roasted coffee
  • MSc in Food Chemistry
  • Barista at Mc Donald's to understand FCMG and foodservice industry at grassroot levels