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Around the World · 25. July 2019
Ein Gericht, das viele Namen trägt und dennoch eines gemeinsam hat: seinen Ursprung in den Gebieten des Orients. Gemeint ist, ein Reisgericht, oftmals mit Zwiebeln und Fleisch. Es beflügelt viele Menschen und reißt sie hin zu Lobeshymnen über die Version ihrer Ehefrauen, Mütter oder Lieblingsrestaurants.

Around the World · 21. May 2019
Leonard Fong has spent much of the past decade photographing and trekking through more than 108 countries on all 7 continents. He is a professional photographer. His portfolio displays a vast array of captivating portraits, exotic landscapes and intimate looks into cultures. Besides, he is a foodlover whose heart beats for many cuisines in the world. Only the variety reveals extraordinary delights and the outstanding beauty.

Around the World · 16. May 2019
Brian Siedenburg is a MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry. I met him some time ago, during his studies in Munich. He is a US-American dietician and nutritional consultant, that is why I asked him, to share his perspective on Bavarian respectively German cuisine.

Around the World · 13. April 2019
The Mugello region is located in the north of Tuscany and borders on Emilia Romagna. To the geographical classification: somewhere between Florence and Bologna. I would like to focus on a region that is hardly known or often underestimated. The Mugello still belongs to Tuscany but has developed quite a variety of dishes. The cuisine of the Mugello is much more influenced by the earthy aromas. People there often cook wild boar, game meat, lots of mushrooms, truffles, potatoes, and cereals.

Around the World · 07. April 2019
An ode to my mum and the dishes of my childhood. An insight into the cuisine of the Allgäu, a region in the southwest of Bavaria, in the south of Germany. At the same time a view about the effect of our parents on our own way of cooking and which favourite dishes will develop later in life. Special feature: Allgäuer Kässpätzle super cheesy Southern style pasta.

Around the World · 03. April 2019
A new era for my blog: all about food, travel and culinary delights from around the globe. Read more about the upcoming content and my motivation for the new beginning.