How to: Coaching and Consulting

Coaching your workflow: Roasting and Brewing

(for industry and professional level, in-person): 


  • Optimization of your roast profiles, roast setup (device, quality management), packaging, and storage. Coffee is a highly complex and fragile customer good, which needs to be handled with the right expertise to bring it to shine. I will help your roasters and roast technicians to improve all processes, from green coffee evaluation to roasting to grinding and packaging. The goal: a better coffee with higher reproducibility and robustness in your operations.


  • Optimization of coffee preparation (espresso, brews, TDS, balance of taste: bitterness, acidity, flavor extraction). Coffee preparation underlies countless factors, i.e., ionization of water, grind parameters such as particle size, water flow, and extraction time – all those must be aligned with each other to achieve the perfect coffee and, therefore, the ideal customer experience. With my knowledge, I can help you to improve your business and your baristas' knowledge of coffee preparation methods and techniques.


  • Reviewing processes within your business (team of professionals, baristas, or in your café/roastery). Educate your employees about certain aspects of coffee (supply chain, coffee price, sustainability, flavor & taste, customer interaction in terms of storytelling).



Coffee Education (seminars):


  • improve your own and your workers' knowledge about the whole cosmos coffee. Learn more about the supply chain of coffee, how coffee is traded, which factors influence the coffee prize, what needs to be done to achieve a perfect beverage, namely, how to roast coffee and how to perfectly grind and brew it.



Brand Management and Marketing: 


  • Café and roastery-level: there are countless cafés out there, each of them thinking of their unique selling point (or not even thinking about it, just serving coffee). I will help your business to improve your visibility and outreach.
  • Industry-level: with a young generation of coffee consumers disrupting the conventional coffee market, new challenges arise for the coffee industry. Whereas in former times, our parents bought the same brand over and over, younger generations have a broader and more diverse look at the decision-making progress of which coffee to buy. Besides, new and yet unfamiliar nations start to hit the coffee market. There are cultural challenges needed to take into consideration to successfully hit those markets. 


  • can help you to nail down obstacles and considerable aspects, to increase your sales volume and your impact on the market.
  • Reviewing store/cafe and roastery concepts concerning storytelling, branding, uniformity. Optimization of certain, customer-desired aspects (e.g., sustainability, premium, quality)

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