Coffee Consulting

By a PhD coffee scientist: academic- and research-based.

Establishing  successful concepts for the coffee industry and coffee professionals. Almost a decade of experience in the coffee industry, in specific:


  • brand communication and marketing for the coffee industry and coffee professionals, running roasteries and cafés (Specialty Coffee, Third Wave)
  • Science-driven optimization of coffee roasting and brewing parameters. Better coffee for you and your customers!
  • market research and evaluation: how to increase your visibility and tell your brand to your customers. 
  • Frequent speaker on coffee flavour and taste

Sara Marquart

PhD thesis in Food Chemistry about the optimization of coffee roasting leading to a less bitter and more balanced coffee.

Based on my findings, it is possible to make consumer-driven roastings leading to an individualized coffee experience. The work was performed at Technical University of Munich in collaboration with Nestlé/Nespresso.



Head of Flavor at the Coffee Excellence Center in Zurich in my role as Lead Product Developer for a Seattle-based coffee company. Performing sophisticated high-res analysis of coffee by means of GC/LC-MS and the statistical evaluation of big data, leading to industry applicable understandings of coffee taste & flavour.



Lead Project Manager of "Cosmos Coffee" at the Deutsches Museum, the world's largest Science Museum.

The exhibition shows all topics around coffee, from Biologoy, Chemistry, Technology, Economy and Culture to Ecology. Staged on up to 1.400 m² to 1.5 Million visitors annually. Cosmos Coffee will be toured internationally for three years to museums around the globe.

The exhibition was made possible by the close collaboration with Probat, Neuhaus-Neotec, Dallmayr, Melitta, Jacobs, Darboven, La Cimbali, La Marzocco, Nestlé, Tchibo, etc.